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Multi Checkered Area Rug

$400.00 - $500.00
  • Multi Checkered Area Rug
  • Multi Checkered Area Rug
  • Multi Checkered Area Rug

Handmade rug - about 10 hours
44" x 28"
100% wool

This rug is made almost entirely with recycled, reclaimed, and deadstock yarn, sourced from a local creative reuse nonprofit.

Free local delivery available in Seattle - reach out for details

I'm open to payment plans - please reach out if you'd rather pay in installments.

I use a sliding scale in order to keep my rugs as accessible as possible, without underselling my time or work. I genuinely want everyone to be able to afford my work, and I will never ask for verification or question what you pay! Please be mindful that this scale is in place especially for anyone who has been affected by racism, sexism, classism, ableism, and any other forms of systemic inequality.

The upper limit of the sliding scale is the true value of this piece, based on the material costs and the time it takes to handmake it. By paying this price, you're compensating me fairly and allowing others to buy this work at a price that works for them, too! The lower limit is the lowest cost that I can sell a rug at without underselling my time. I would love to always offer a sliding scale, and for that system to work, I would need people to pay at all levels of the scale.